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Poll #1770269 Missing Entry!!!
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Contest Entry by heledren
Poll #1770219 Missing Entry!!!

Missing Entry - Only vote for this one if you didn't for for any of the other written entries!

Contest Entry by heledren


I'm now a mod for Capslok Dethklok! I was so surprised when our head honcho asked me to do it, pretty much out of nowhere. I love CLDK so this is awesome.

The Chuck Norris phenominon

Is because Bruce Lee is dead and can't prove how much more ass he could kick.


Furniture. It's really hard. I thought I could use the heat gun to get the layer of latex paint off... Only where there's 2 layers, otherwise it just gets really tiny bubbles all over so when you try to scrape it, it ends up a big gooey mess. So I switch to paint stripper... It doesn't seem to get in there deep enough to really lift the paint off the wood.

WANTED: Small used power sander, cheap but in good condition. Craigslist here I come.

The Dirty Secret of Modern Women


We don't want to need men, but sometimes, for just a short bit, we do need them.

Not in that weepy validation way, or the white knight solves all the problems way, and not in a sexual way, but in a much more primitive way.

The way that a male protects the females of a group, so that in this world that seems occasionally hellbent on hurting us and making us feel like crap, there is shelter, warmth and safety. A chance for a respite to catch our breath and prepare to fight onward again. A connection between two members of the same species in their respective animal roles.

If you're reading this as anti-girl-power, you're missing the point. It's not about control or subservience, it's about comfort and health. Yes health. It's healthy for a human to find an environment with another human where they feel safe and relaxed. And for those females who are straight or bi w/ disposition towards men, those kinds of feelings come about more easily and naturally with males. I've not had any in-depth discussions with lesbians on this or any related topics so anything I say on that would be PURE speculation and not one I want to try.

Obviously you can't just find any old person to feel that way with, so it's not about just physical contact. It's openness and trust as well. Which is why it CAN involve sexual relations, but it's not required. By the reverse, just having sex randomly will not get you to that spot. It may feel like it on the surface, but in the back of your mind all the fears and doubts and misgivings and guilt (maybe just the tiniest sliver) will be churning around.

In trying to be seen as equals we've said that we can stand on our own thank you very much, and in turn painted ourselves into the corner of "stand alone or be seen as weak and unworthy," but yet we still have the hind-brain need for meaningful connections with the opposite gender.

Maybe I'm speaking truth or maybe this is all a product of my backwards brain, but this is how I feel right now, so that's what I'm writing. Take it as you will and kindly leave any comments you wish.

Bag stolen, phone gone

So... I have no numbers for anyone right now. Please either comment with your number, or just give me call. Comments will be screened to protect any numbers posted. Thank you.

Insurance for the phone was such a good idea... Same price as the web service I never used. New phone came yesterday, and the only reason I didn't have it on Wednesday was because I didn't call the insurance people back before the next day shipping deadline.

A couple of things:

I'm down 3 more pounds as of Sunday, bringing my total loss so far to 8.5 lbs. Heading for that 10 mark!

Next: City of Heroes.

I like this game alot. The first time I tried playing it, back in it's early days, I found it kinda boring and not really fun once the novelty wore off. They've really fixed it up nice now.

The other thing about it, is that after having played WoW for years now, it's a very different community. Hell it IS a community, at least on Virtue server. WoW community is all about your guild and very few outside of it. It's just so big there's really no other way. I guess it's the difference between playing a game with what is it up to now? 225 servers? versus playing a game with like 10. Virtue and Freedom are the only ones I ever see showing mid capacity as well.

People know other people. People talk about other characters from all over the server like you've heard of them, because you probably have at least seen them in passing. Hang out in Pocket D, the neutral dance club, for a while and you'll get to see and meet lots of people. Yes meet. You can feel free to chat up anyone you like.

On Virtue, which I have heard is the "unoffical" RP server, people are really into their characters. They have a whole wiki where you can post your character's history, personality, pets, whole life story and details. You run into mostly RPers too. It's so fun.

Right now I'm listening to The CAPE Radio. It's a streaming radio station run by Virtue players. "You're not Super till you put on The CAPE." I was in Pocket D last night hanging out w/ the DJ and other players, just partying down. As I was jumping up and down to Skindred's "Nobody", as I suddenly recalled Earth & Beyond, and what life was like in that game. I missed it so much, but I've found it again, and better than ever.

I'm not giving up WoW by any means, it's a great game and I have a bunch of friends there, but I will be splitting my time. Silva how do you do it?

Since things aren't going great here

I decided on something. Since I'm having to move anyway, and since I planned to leave South Florida in the next year or two, AND since I'm not sure how much job security I have...

I'm moving to Orlando.

As long as I can find a job, I'm outta here. The rents are cheaper, the scene is better, and once I get through Community College, UCF is right there. I just feel that my growth and advancement are done here, so I'm looking to move on.

In other news...


Convergence, the big Goth convention, that I thought New Orleans two years ago was the closest it would ever get to me...

Is being held in Ybor City (Tampa) this year.

I can't believe it!!! And it's not till August, so I have a chance to save some money to go! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Check it out if you're interested.

Convergence 14

Hormones... I haz dem.

And they're driving me crazy. I'm just so depressed and messed up in the head today, and I know that's why. It just started raining and that was enough to take me from "I kinda feel like crying" to actual tears. But I wanted it to rain and keep raining. It's peaceful to me when I'm in a mood like this. I'm also hot most of the time. From last night to now at least. I woke up sweating even though I turned down the AC to the point where normally I'd be kinda cold. My head doesn't want to clear, I'm achy, I'm afraid of people being even slightly displeased with me, and all I want to do is hide in my room for the day... maybe two.

The lovely thing is that I know why it's happening, what's causing it, but that doesn't change how I feel. All it allows me to do is explain to other people why I'm such a mess right now, and keep me from going after chocolate bars to try and gain some kind relief. I'm hoping this is over soon, I don't need this on top of all the other stress I have right now.